Giorgi Tushishvili

Associated Financial Expert

Giorgi Tushishvili is an experienced accountant. He holds a master’s degree from the Tbilisi State University in economics, specialised in accounting and audit. He also holds a bachelor’s diploma in law.

George has worked in many fields such as: retail, construction, education, communication, production, NGOs etc. He permanently develops his skills and gives high quality consultations in taxation, financial accounting and management.

He worked in the following companies in different times: Schirnhofer Georgia: 2007-2011, as a chief accountant and finance director; 2011 — Railway Telecom LLC, 2012-2014 Free University of Tbilisi — as Finance manager; 2014 – 2019 — Wissol Group, chief accountant of Wendy’s Georgia and Dunkin Georgia, 2019-2021 — Koton Georgia — head of finance department; currently working in The Open University of Tbilisi.